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The finest fingerboarding park in the world


A park that checks all the right boxes

No steps were overlooked in designing, manufacturing and assembling this one of a kind set up.

Started as a birthday gift

The founder Ryan Henrichsen, wanted to make an unforgettable birthday gift for his son, who was a big fan of fingerboarding. With a background in woodwork, and some creativity he created a miniature skate park for fingerboarders. This simple gift began to pick up traction and became an immediate hit. After many hours and lots of saw dust, we now present this handcrafted gift to you.

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"These Quarter wood fingerboard parks are perfect for kids of all ages, the all in one design allows you to do all the tricks in a single space. Awesome colors and high quality! The carrying handle makes it easy to move and store! Every kid needs one of these! "

-J Papworth

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Looking to customize your own park? Contact us for personalized options.

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"This skate park is by far the best one in production! Actual size features. Made out of real wood and authentic. My boys love this park and spend hours skating on it I recommend this to everyone 5 stars."

-B Osborne